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Get your contact database cleansed for all that redundant information

With changing trends in marketing, data-driven marketing is the most popular approach with marketers using contact database to reach professionals across globe catering to different industries. Having latest, clean and updated contact database is crucial for a data-driven marketing. With passage of every data the data gets stale with scenario like companies closing down, companies changing their location, employees switching from one company to another and many such. As pre research 25% goes redundant every year which means 25% of your campaign results are affected, you can imagine how data changes impact your marketing campaign. As a marketer you need to be on toes to see how is that you can have a clean contact database.

We at Databeyz understand the amount of money which is spent towards data and the impacts of redundant data on the growth of an organization. Databeyz helps organization to keep their marketing campaign data clean of redundancy and help them in all their marketing campagins. On every data cleansing request received from client, a dedicated team works on it to ensure the data is updated to latest contact details ensuring there is no redundancy.

Don’t loose on new business opportunities because of redundant data, let not data redundancy lead to failure of your marketing campaign. Databeyz has helped organizations reach their business goals and targets with its data services at very reasonable cost. Write to us today to know more about our services, get your database cleaned by removing all incorrect and invalid contacts.

Let your data be a source of huge profits in your business. Get connected with us where our executives will assist with all our data services.


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25% of data goes redundant with the passage of every year, have you cleansed your data this year?