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About Us

Databeyz a brand of Webeyz Technologies Inc founded in 2018 is based in New Jersey. Databeyz helps clients uncover new prospects. Databeyz loves data and our services orient around data. Apart from helping clients prospect their prospects, with our ever growing B2B Business Contacts, we also provide Data Appending, Data Verification and Data Segmentation services. By choosing to partner with Databeyz you have won half the battle of being a successful business house. The rest you just leave it to the beyz to do it for you. Get in touch with our team today to experience what makes Databeyz stand apart from other database marketing companies.

Why We are Different

We specialize in open source technology to build custom tools aimed at prospecting datasources that help drive marketing efforts. Our tools gather information from public web sources like websites, forums, social media channels and variety of other sources. We then prepare the data into clean contact and company records, available in CSV formats that can be easily imported into any system of your choice.

With our gamut of tools we intend to open up the world of B2B data. Each month we analyze close to 100 internet marketplaces in sectors like automobile, manufacturing, realestate,construction. With us you are continously updated with the most latest information about your contacts.

Why Choose Us

We are the Team you need to suceed.

We are a young team fuelled by passion and commitment to serve our clients. A young team infected with the most contagious disease "Excellence, Integrity, Transparency & Commitment". We pass it to our clients.

What You Get

We open up the world of B2B data.

Marketing and Sales require a continous flow of leads. We ease your journey to fill the lead funnel, helping you prospect more, prospect with quality and decide with information. Accuracy of your data is just as important as the size of your data.

What You Achieve

We bring you real Opportunities.

Increase your sales opportunities with a wider audience. Helping you build connections. Craft your message and reach a wide audience that will eventually move you ahead of your game. We make sure we help you with the data to get connected.

Our Method & Approach

Our success is a result of the relationship built on trust from our clients. We immensely value every client of ours and work closely, going the extra yard to solve their challenges, in ways that minimize business risk and maximize opportunity.

Culture of Excellence

We want our clients to be the best for which we promise excellence and nothng less than that is what we deliver.


We have a strong sense of what is right. We understand that honesty and mutual trust is vital to foster the relationship with our clients.


We have nothing under the wraps. There are no grey areas and we shall not let our clients get lost in the fog of ignorance.

Total Commitment

We are passonate about what we do.We love what we do and it's never work for us. This drives our commitment and we don't find solace until we get the job done in the best way possible.

Personalized Services

Every business problem is different. It's only obvious that these problems need personalize solutions. We make sure that we ask a lot of questions, get to know what exactly is needed and provide personalized service.


Indulge in ever fulfilling business experience, that will help you grow and enhance your sales to an entirely different league, a whole new dimension.

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